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Obstructed View: Waltzes
the terror dactyls take their time

These are demos of some new work. Technically, a "demo" is either a quick rough overview of a song brought in to band practice, or a basically home-made or low-budget recording submitted to a record company. These lie somewhere in between - they aren't the finished version of a song, they are recordings I make as I work my way along trying to write, explore, learn, and achieve some level of mastery over a piece.

My main reason for making these recordings is to be able to listen to my current flaws and finesses in order to assess what I still have to work on. Some songs generate a lot more of these than others. That is usually because they require me to learn so much that every few days I am playing (and singing) them better, still with plenty of room for improvement.

The song titles are links that will bring up the lyrics in a new tab or window, so clicking them does not stop the music that is playing.

The song order as presented here is utterly irrelevant to anything most of the time. The first date is when the lyrics were first drafted, the date in parentheses is the date of the recording.
Side Two
(You're Not Here to) Forgive
3/9/18 (5/27/18)
Winter (Lost You To)
8/25/17 (5/27/18)
(In the Theater) Tonight
3/9/18 (3/25/18)
Lighthouse (You Will Find Your Way)
12/6/17 (5/27/18)
Beauty (Is)
5/21/18 (5/23/18)
Side B
Closer (To the New)
5/27/18 (5/27/18)
Winter (Lost You Two)
3/25/18 (5/27/18)
Adaptation (Scarborough Fair)
4/27/18 (6/4/18)
Photograph (Good-bye)
4/19/18 (5/27/18)

All songs were composed, arranged, performed, engineered, and produced by me, with the exception of a few traditional bits in Adaptation.