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How to Get Copies of Obstructed View Music

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email me at one@humanthoughts.org

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Getting your hands on copies of these songs for your own portable pleasure is eminently doable, but also somewhat tricky. Remember that like a lot of "heavy pop", I like to think that these songs not only reward multiple listens, but that they also require it to some degree. It can take a few, or a dozen or more, exposures before the hooks are properly set.

To that end, the true fan would want to have the ability to listen to their favorite songs on their own terms, without necessarily having access to this web site. So first I'll cover where the eminently theft-enabled MP3 files are, then how to get a "hard" copy - physical media - of the relatively high resolution files directly from me.

Each of the works has a compressed copy embedded in a player on its lyric page. Those are also brought together on the "songs" pages. They are not set up as downloads, but the page source will show you exactly what the url is.

That source would also show you something else - every prior demo that has been uploaded still exists, simply buried in a commented-out section at the bottom. Those urls are all still functional if you realy wanted to punish yourself and listen to older versions of any particular song.

Note that Ruins is a finished project, and as such is whole different kettle of wax than the endless stream of demos of new work I have been producing here twenty years later. But anyway:

I can make you a CDR (or thumbdrive) with the latest iterations on it. I could even make you a DVD, Bluray, or again, a pumped-up memory stick, and include the videos of the recordings - some are pretty snazzy. No one is ever going to ask me to do this, but it can be done. As time goes by these would also incorporate varying levels of artwork. I could also put the audio of multiple albums on one of the video disc formats or, again, a postage-stamp drive.

The most likely realities are dual - one, that you might want a copy of one or more of the albums as they stand, on a CD in their entirety. The other is you might have a list of 50, 60, even 70 minutes of my songs from various projects (which are really just time periods of writing, although some really are cohesive intentional "wholes") and want that compilation in an order of your choosing on a CD.

I can do either of those. I can print artwork on the disc, too, if you want.

The best way to start the process is to

email me at one@humanthoughts.org

and ideally, put something like "please make me a CD" in the subject line.

PS, send me money.

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1994 - 2004
Obstructed View: Ruins
ruminations on recurring themes of
decay and decrepitude

2017 - 2018
Obstructed View: Waltzes
Waltzes and Other Love Songs

2020 - 2021
Orange Box & Pepper Drops
a song about the end of the world
and some filler

Obstructed View: Introviolet
It's Darker on the Outside

2021 - 2022
Obstructed View: Victory Is For Lovers
sentence fragments and the
craft of conversation

Obstructed View: Carbon Copy
All Love Songs

Obstructed View: Selling Senses
being is concealing

Obstructed View: The Pause
for refreshment

Obstructed View: Eldorado (Standing Still)
(Standing Still)

Obstructed View: Kinetic Sculpture
elements in motion

Obstructed View: Ceilings and Cellars (Windows and Doors)
(Windows and Doors)

Obstructed View: Midnight Crisis
point-to-point wiring