Psychology and Imagination

Here are a pretty pair, indeed.

Just for fun, sometime, try to experience what it is like to bathe in their fluorescent glow without letting the other parts of your mind interfere. Your unconscious programs will run through all sorts of permutations and combinations, images of real and unreal events will fill your mind, following each other in a kaleidescopic fashion, with no obvious rhyme or reason. Very much like dreaming.

In less colorful terms, the imagination can be used as a tool to unlock and identify aspects of the unconscious. Since it can ideally envision anything at all, any restrictions on its free travel will be pointers to underlying issues your mind is keeping secret from you. If you find a repeated inability to follow certain topics, perhaps you can work on them and find underlying common themes as a key to resolving psychological barriers.

Implicit in the above concept, of course, is the fact that your unconscious will tend to act as a damper on the possibilities you are comfortable imagining.