Logic and Emotion

This interaction has got to be the all time classic battleground. While perhaps elsewhere I will get into the conflict between psychology and the spirit as a fundamental one, the efforts spent trying to reconcile the rational with the irrational responses to stimuli are legend.

While we may try to decide in a rational fashion what we are to do, we feel the endless push and pull of the emotions attendant on our course of action affecting our judgement.

When we want to relax and "just feel" we find ourselves dogged by thoughts of other responsibilities, and logical rules about "what shoud come next" interfering in the flow.

We probably are happiest when our emotions and our intellect are both satisfied with our current condition, although perhaps fully satisfied emotions will result in little intellectual effort to worry about anyway. Of course, without thinking about where one is or how one got there, one is liable to lose this temporary sense of satisfation eventually.