Spirit and Psychology

The principal interaction I want to mention here is the nature of the unconscious ability to interfere with the spirits need for freedom to operate. Even without bringing up any specific issues to limit the spirit, the individuals psychology can create what might be termed "static", or "noise", which can often be louder than the "signal" the spirit is attempting to receive (or send).

Under these conditions, one can be struggling to live without any valid, assured response from ones spirit - the signals that might otherwise be heard or felt are mixed in with all kinds of junk from the unconscious, and cannot be relied upon.

Beyond this, with any luck once the spirit is cultivated to some basic level and the psychology reduced to what might be called "healthy" levels (no outrageous neuroses, blocks, fears, etc.) the spirit in its power can literally cure and lessen the impact of psychological issues on its own, with very little, if any, conscious mediation on the part of the self or the intellect.