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Obstructed View: Ruins
ruminations on recurring themes of decay and decrepitude

These are work-in-process demo recordings for your downloading and listening pleasure. They are listed with the newest updates at the top. It's up to you to figure out a good playing order, although I think the "lyrics" file reflects my ideas about this. If you find any seredipitous segues, let me know!

Note: While these links are still valid, this file is largely unnecessary now, since the MP3 files are embedded with a player at the top of each lyric page.

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title timedatewhat changed
Good Love 3:2310/23/04enhancements
Stupid Global Village 3:1610/01/04(4/12/05: adjusted intro levels)
Shambles 2:3608/13/04remix, no drums
Impressions of a Sunset2:2508/13/04new vocal
Somebody Else's Well 3:4008/08/04new vocal
Believe 3:0106/20/04guitar solo
I Stand Alone 3:4506/09/04vocals, lead guitar
You Must Be Crazy 3:3103/07/04vocal, lead guitars
Hunger 3:5603/06/04new guitar solos
Lemonfishbutter 2:2003/03/04slight edit
Out of Beer 0:4502/01/041st appearance
Escape 7:1601/21/04re-recording
Exit Wound 4:4212/29/031st appearance
Choices 2:2112/23/03remix
Trust 4:1111/30/03compressor 1/28

Download the lyrics to all these songs so you can print them and sing along at home: "album-lyrics.txt."


  • The drum and bass parts were written and generated by me using TablEdit.

  • Curt Bessette plays rhythm guitar and Jim MacDougall plays the well-played keyboard part (I play the clumsy 'all white keys' Fender Rhodes) on "I Stand Alone." Note: these parts are not necessarily present in every mix.

  • All other instruments and vocals performed by me.

  • All tracks are "DAD" except "Trust," which is "AAD."

  • "Trust" is from the original, very improvised master recording. I recorded the rhythm guitar to practice the lead, and then recorded this particular lead line, which was the second "take." Then after listening to it ten times, I accidentally sat down with a microphone and made up the words on the fly.
    For this mix I adjusted the levels on the vocal, since on the master they get rather quiet later in the song. I also ran the lead guitar and vocal tracks through a noise gate to reduce background hiss. This is also the "psychedelic headphones" mix!

  • "Exit Wound." Thanks to Paula Wing for writing part of the verse bass line - the interesting part - and for helping work out what the note durations were on the "heavy" A minor riff. The working title of this song was "Thirds" - can you tell why?

  • "Escape" may or may not end up on the album. It probably needs some careful rewriting, with some better guitar parts to make it more interesting to listen to. Think jazz behind spoken word...

Hunger1 (AAD) - track 21 from the Demo 1 CD - 3:56, June 1997.

    From a cassette mixdown that is the only existing copy. This version has the "old" intro, featuring the improvised guitar solo that has ended up in "Believe" - although here, it isn't even in the right key...
    Drums programmed on an Alesis HR-16 drum machine; bass, guitars, and vocals by Huw Powell.

Written, arranged, produced, engineered and © by Huw Powell, all rights reserved.