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Obstructed View: Carbon Copy
All Love Songs

Getting your hands on copies of these songs for your own portable pleasure is eminently doable, but also somewhat tricky. Remember that like a lot of "heavy pop", I like to think that these songs not only reward multiple listens, but that they also require it to some degree. It can take a few, or a dozen or more, exposures before the hooks are properly set.

Each of the works has a compressed copy embedded in a player on its lyric page. Those are also brought together here on the "songs" page. They are not set up as downloads, but the page source will show you exactly what the url is.

That source would also show you something else - every prior demo that has been uploaded still exists, simply buried in a commented-out section at the bottom. Those urls are all still functional if you realy wanted to punish yourself and listen to older versions of any particular song.

I could make you a CDR (or thumbdrive) with the latest iterations on it. I could even make you a DVD, Bluray, or again, a pumped-up memory stick, and include the videos of the recordings - some are pretty snazzy. No one is ever going to ask me to do this, but it can be done. As time goes by these would also incorporate varying levels of artwork. I could also put the audio of multiple albums on one of the video disc formats or, again, a postage-stamp drive.

PS, send me money.