What I am trying to clarify and illuminate is the process often referred to as self-actualisation. A careful balancing act of growth in the various aspects of the mind can increase the health of the spirit and give us a chance to live beyond the limitations imposed by the lessons our experience has forced us to learn. I would define the goal as making the self one with the spirit, I think.

The human mind is a fascinating thing to explore. There are so many diverse examples, including our own, that trying to generalise about the topic can be daunting - but in spite of this there seem to be some fairly universal structures.

I have decided to divide my writings about the mind into six broad areas. This is by no means to be taken as a dogmatic structural separation. I recognise that these areas do not just interact but they overlap, and at times may even be indistinguishable from each other, or seemingly absent. The fifteen possible one to one interactions between the areas are also covered. I may even try to cover multiple interactions as they occur to me...

I hope you will humor me in this particular mode of analysis.

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