A more personal thesis

There is a more personal side to the way I came to decide how to break the mind into these six categories.

Early in 2000 I met and started spending a lot of time with a certain young woman. It was one of those relationships that touches you to your very core, what some people would call a "soul mate" type bond.

Unfortunately she had some serious obligations at school in the upcoming semester, and to be trying to build a relationship at the same time would have been virtually impossible - it would almost certainly not only have screwed up the relationship but probably would have denied her the acheivements that were necessary academically too.

So we suddenly stopped seeing each other while she focused on school. Intellectually I understood, completely and clearly, why this had to happen. Emotionally, I was shattered. In the ensuing four to six weeks I churned through the situation over and over again, and to keep a very long story moderately short, it became apparent to me that it was as if there were several different structures in my mind which operated almost independently of each other at times. These became the precursors to my main divisions for this project.

As this "goes to press", the status of the relationship is still unknown, though I still love her dearly and hope that all the forces of the universe conspire to make sure we have a chance to go on building on what we have, come May.

I have found that the best way to deal with it on a day to day basis is to minimise the energy I allow my emotions to expend on it. I also keep my imagination at bay, for while it certainly would like to fill my head with visions of a joyful reunion, it also is capable of readily formulating any number of disastrous scenarios. I must manage my unconscious to ensure it does not build up any resentments that would be in our way, or any anger at the situation that would come between us. I also am careful about how much time I spend thinking about it, since there is not enough information to deal with the situation on a purely rational basis. In the meantime it is vital that my spirit be cultivated and enjoyed, so that there is someone here that she once loved for her to come back to (if that be the case).

So, um, wish me the best of luck, will you?