Spirit and Logic

I think this project is an example of what happens when one tries to confront the concept of spirit with ones logical nature.

The other side of that coin is refreshing and frustrating. When one confronts the concept of logic with ones spiritual nature, one the one hand it releases you from the feelijng that everything in life has to be analysed, and understood, that there is so much to know and learn in so many ways, while on the other it tends to reduce how much all the practical learning one has done to a bit of sophistical puffery.

But neither of these two angles is the actual interaction of the intellect and the spirit in the mind.

I think the intellect recoils in the presence of spiritual power and experience. It is shut down as an interfering element - excuse me for being a bit flippant, but just try thinking the next time you see God!

The spirit, however, as the stronger, more vital of the two, does not run and hide in the presence of logic. It confounds it, true, but it also inspires it, perhaps gives it something to pursue, an ideal - if the intellect could only explain things as clearly as the spirit knows them! If only the intellect could share information as accurately as the spirit can. The spirit stays, its handmaiden of thought bowed and awed at its feet, thinking only to serve its master...