Spirit and Emotion

I will write this elsewhere, but it should be said here as well.

The purest form of love is a simple emotional reaction to a direct bond of the spirit.

It was, after all, such a bond that catapulted my terrified mind into the state that resulted in my creating this project.

These are most readily experienced between two people but can be shared by more. I suspect this sort of bond lies behind the fervor of early followers of a man such as Jesus Christ. Some people are just so purely spiritual in their nature, in their mind, that others gravitate to them and find in their association with them a richer window into their own spirit.

Intensely emotional experiences can enrich the spirit, by leading ones mind to a place where all seems simple and pure, and they can segue straight into visionary moments.

Sadly, emotion can also create a terrible wall against the experience of ones own spirit. When one has been hurt, the defenses created in ones unconscious as a result of the painful emotions act also to limit the spirits freedom.