The Self and Imagination

Sometimes my ideas do not even seem to come from anywhere inside me at all. Of course they do, and when I think about it I can usually figure out what things in me contributed to the creative act in question. They all tend to have my "stamp" on them, too.

Sometimes they take a certain form in order to cause pleasure to my self - whether they make me feel good, or I like the logical arrangement of them, or they feed my spiritual sense of oneness, or help me resolve my psychological conflicts...

The imagination is a fountain, and bathing in it one can gain a very clear sense of what ones self consists of by adding in the magical alchemy of ideas that come forth.

When my self is frustrated by a lack of viable solutions to a problem forthcoming from my intellectual or emotional responses to a problem, very often the imagination acts as a tool not only to increse the number of options but as a conduit from the spirit, to offer deeper, more powerful options to consider.

These are often serious breakthroughs, leading me out of a pit of discomfort and pain into a new and better understanding that will sometimes reveal the trap to just be the way I am looking at an issue.